John Bizas was born on the island of Chios in Greece. As a youngster he was drawn to the fine arts and quickly began to focus on sculpture. He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara, and has worked for Damien Hirst, Jan Fabre, Louise Bourgeois and many more famous artists.

Currently he sculpts in marble and has developed his own techniques and approaches to working with stone. The 2008 finds him expanding out of Greece and he founded a studio in Pietrasanta Italy. He now has additional studios in Chios, Greece and Washington, DC.

He participates regularly in exhibitions in Europe and the US and has pieces in private collections all over the world. In 2015 one of his sculptures was chosen as one of the Top 10 contemporary artworks of the year and was exhibited at the Art Fair of Cologne in Germany.

            John’s traditional fine arts background creates a strong aesthetic and technical foundation that allows him to explore and push the physical and visual boundaries of his subject material.

His approach gives equal significance to both the space occupied by the stone and the piece’s negative space that adds an inter-dimensionality to his work. Thematically, his work makes the viewer confront the complex and compelling issues facing the contemporary world.

Artist's statement:

Much of my art is intended to bring attention to the more painful and destructive elements of contemporary civilization. My work is generally executed in marble, but I also combine stone with composite or other materials. Part of my stylistic and technical approach is to exploit and uncover the creative and physical possibilities embedded in the different materials.

My work is a response to the unparalleled explosion in the technological, material and economic sophistication and complexity of human life. This transformation has come at a high price. The costs are evident in the economic inequality, environmental destruction and the ongoing tragedy of permanent war, in our global village.

While I realize our situation is precarious, my hope is that by having to confront the difficult issues presented in my work, the viewer will be inspired to think about and act to create a better world.

John (Ioannis) Bizas

Curriculum Vitae


John (Ioannis) Bizas




April 27th 1980






Greek (native), English, Italian


2011 Fine Arts Accademy of Carrara/Italy
2008 Accademia d’Arte Florence/Italy course of sculpture


2024 showing in Galerie Bettina, Paris/France

2024 showing in Galleria Ponzetta, Pietrasanta/Italy

2024 showing in Matteo Circo Gallery, Knokke/Belgium

2024 showing in Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Athens/Greece.

2023 showing in Bruno Art Gallery, Singapore.

2023 showing in Bruno Art Gallery, Amsterdam/Holland.

2023 showing in Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Mykonos/Greece.

2023 showing in Loudos Contemporary, Corfu/Greece.

2023 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Brussels/Belgium.

2023 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Saint Paul de Vence/France.

2023 showing in Portofino Galleria d'Arte, Portofino/Italy.

2023 showing in Galerie del Sol, Saint Tropez/France.

2023 showing in Art Symbol Gallery, Paris/France.

2023 showing in Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Athens/Greece.

2022 showing in Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Mykonos/Greece.

2022 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Brussels/Belgium.

2022 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Athens/Greece.

2022 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Saint Paul de Vence/France.

2022 showing in Galeria Portofino, Portofino/Italy.

2022 showing in JPB Art Gallery, Saint Tropez/France.

2022 showing in Galerie Grulier, Courchevel 1850/France.

2021 "art3f" International Contemporary Art Fair, Luxemburg.

2021 "art3f" International Contemporary Art Fair, Brussels/Belgium.

2021 "AS47" Art and Antique Salon, Moscow/Russia.

2021 showing in JPB Art Gallery, Saint Tropez/France.

2021 Showing in the Darwin Museum, Moscow/Russia.

2021 showing in Galeria Portofino, Portofino/Italy.

2021 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Saint Paul de Vence/France.

2021 Solo exhibition in Moscow City Golf Club, Moscow/Russia.

2021 showing in Absolute Art Gallery, Bruges/Belgium.

2020 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Saint Paul de Vence/France.

2020 showing in Galerie Lefakis, Athens/Greece.

2020 showing in Galerie Grulier, Courchevel 1850/France.

2019 “Market Art+Design” Hamptons art fair through Contempop Gallery,                                           Bridgehampton Museum NY/USA.

2019 showing in JPB art gallery, Saint Tropez/France.

2019 Art fair through Contempop Gallery “Art Market”, San Francisco/USA.

2019 showing in Contempop Art Gallery, New York/USA.

2019 showing in Portofino Art Gallery, Portofino/Italy.

2019 showing in Artist's Proof art gallery, Washington DC/U.S.A.

2019 showing in Artion Galleries, Athens/Greece.

2018 showing in Galerie Grulier, Courchevel 1850/France.

2018 showing in Artist's Proof art gallery, Washington DC/U.S.A.

2018 OnForm biennial sculpture exhibition,Oxfordshire/U.K.

2018 groupshow "The theory of colour", Artist's Proof art gallery, Washington DC/U.S.A.

2018 showing in JPB art gallery, Saint Tropez/France.

2018 showing in Absolute Art Gallery, Bruges/Belgium.

2017 showing in Galerie Grulier, Courchevel 1850/France.

2017 groupshow in Absolute Art Gallery, Bruges/Belgium.

2017 showing in JPB art gallery, Saint Tropez/France.

2017 showing in 21 art gallery, Moscow/Russia.

2016 showing in Absolute gallery, Bruges/Belgium.

2016 OnForm biennial sculpture exhibition,Oxfordshire/U.K.

2016 showing in Portofino art gallery, Portofino/Italy.

2016 showing in Biba gallery, Palm Beach/Florida, U.S.A.

2016 showing in White Box Studio gallery, Brooklyn/New York, U.S.A.

2015 showing in Art-14 gallery Bruges/Belgium.

2015 "Classic-Event", Kortrijk, Belgium through the ART-14 gallery of Bruges/Belgium.

2015 "ART FAIR" of Cologne as a TOP10 FINALIST of the BLOOOM award by Wartsteiner, Cologne/Germany.

2015 "Pietrasanta e Cefalù. Gemellaggio d'Arte" Pietrasanta/Italy.

2015 "Homo Faber- Mindcraft" group exhibition, villa Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta/Italy.

2015 "Evocazioni" group exhibition, MUSA museum of Sculpture and Architecture, Pietrasanta/Italy.

2015 Retrospective solo exhibition,Myrò Art Gallery,Thessaloniki/Greece.

2015 Marmaros II,Myrò Art Gallery,Thessaloniki/Greece.

2014 "Homo Faber" Sant'Agostino church, Pietrasanta/Italy.

2014 "Humanity in exhibition" Gallery Dovedesign, Pietrasanta/Italy.

2014 "Marzo in Fiori,"Gallery intrecciarte Pietrasanta/Italy.

2014 "Greek Marble Initiative in exhibition Thessaloniki/Greece.

2013 "Inconvenzional mente" Civil museum of Viareggio/Italy.

2012 "Summer mix" Galerie Carré Doré, Monte Carlo/Monaco.

2012 "Carpe Diem" Satura Art Gallery, Genova/Italy.

2012 Carrara marble weeks, Carrara/Italy.

2012 Carrara Marmotec, Carrara/Italy.

2012 in "Project Qatar 2012" Doha/Qatar.

2012 participated in the art show "proggetto venduto 4" Milan/Italy.

2011 Presentation of the "Black Skull Table" at the "Milan fuori salone 2011" in the "zona 67"showroom, Milan/Italy.

2011 Gallery showing of the sculpture "High Sound"at White Moon Gallery Paris/France.

2010 Solo exhibition at the multi-space Rodi, Chios island/Greece.

2010 The CarraraFiera via Statuaria Arte gallery, Carrara/Italy.

2009 Group exhibition at the "art time" events showroom Carrara/Italy.

2009 Participated at the art event "I love disco", Marina di Pietrasanta/Italy.

2007 Exhibited at the " Amani City hall", Chios/Greece.

2006 Solo exhibition in the "Tourid" art gallery, Chios/Greece.

2005 Group exhibition at the "National Navy Museum" Inousses/Greece. 

2005 Participated at the "Protasi" annual exhibition, Chios/Greece.